TED Circles


"Our best comes out when we have honest discussions ". TED Circles is a global community of small groups who discuss big ideas together. We believe in the power of ideas and frequent, face-to-face conversations to positively impact ourselves, our communities and our world.
 Participants along with hosts and co-hosts will be shown TED talk based upon the theme. All the members will have a discussion on the same TED talk for about 45 minutes.
  The discussion will be moderated by the moderator directing towards the answer of questions given by TED themselves.   All the key points and outcomes will be noted and given to TED.

TED Circles hosted by TEDxKIET

TED Circles is registered on behalf of Licensed TEDx events. TEDxKIET is an independently organized TED event branched from TED’s motive of Ideas Worth Spreading. With this event, TEDxKIET aims to innovate and display the same initiative laid down by TED in the form of TED Circles hosted by TEDxKIET.